About NCOS

Agreement of the Nordic Cardio-Oncology Society

Adopted on board meeting 07.11.2019 at Radisson Blu Gardermoen, Norway.

§ 1 Aims

  1. To create awareness of cardiovascular side effects of cancer treatment
  2. Improve risk assessment and provide recognition and treatment of cardiaccomplications in patients with or who survive cancer
  3. To create a Nordic arena of collaboration among those participating in the care ofpatients with malignant diseases and cardiovascular issues
  4. To create a Nordic arena where medical personnel who treat or prevent cardiovascularside effects of cancer patients can share their experiences
  5. To create an arena for research across the Nordic borders in Cardio-Oncology
  6. To create a website to share links about Cardio-Oncology
  7. To be an arena where PhD students can present research relevant for Cardio-Oncology
  8. Be a meeting point and support for those working in Cardio-Oncology out-patientclinics
  9. To provide knowledge and educational activities in Cardio-Oncology
  10. Be affiliated with each of the Nordic national cardiology societies
  11. Be affiliated with each of the Nordic national cancer societies
  12. Be affiliated with the International Cardio-Oncology Society

§ 2 Members

  • Medical personnel interested in cardio-oncology
  • Research groups interested in cardio-oncology

§ 3 Tasks

  • Together organize meetings to be held at a minimum of every second year. It should be aimed that the subsequent meeting is not held in the same Nordic country
  • The place of the next meeting should be announced at the Summit
  • Aim for international interaction with other cardio-oncology groups

§ 4 Board members

  • The board will be constituted of 11 members. One from the field of cardiology and one from the field of oncology from each of the following Nordic countries: Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Iceland, Finland. Additionally the past president will be part of the board
  • The election should be every 4th year at the physical meetings
  • If cases has to be voted on and the voting is even, the presidents vote would be counted double
  • The board will consist of a president, deputy chair and board members. The President and the deputy chair should be from different fields and if possible from different countries
  • Each board member can sit for a maximum period of 12 years
  • The member that leaves the board is encouraged to find its own substitute

§ 5 Board meetings

  • A physical board meeting will be held at the Nordic Cardio-Oncology Summit
  • Telephone conferences will be held before the Summits as found fit by the board, butat least once a year

§ 6 Publications

Any publications on behalf of the NCOS will consist of all the board members and all will have to participate drafting the manuscript. The order of the authors should be discussed in advance. If disagreement on the author order, the final decision will be made by the president and the deputy chair.