Board meeting report of the Nordic Cardio-Oncology Society (NCOS) 07.11.2019

07.11.2019 from 18.00 to 20.00
Radisson Blu Gardermoen, Norway

Geeta Gulati (Norway), Jürgen Geisler (Norway), Tanja Skytta (Finland), Suvi Tuohinen (Finland), Marianne Jarfelt (Sweden), Agneta Månsson Broberg (Sweden)

Apologies: Kirsten M. Nielsen (Denmark), Birgitte V. Offersen (Denmark) 1/19 

1/19 Election of the president and deputy chair

Gulati was elected as president and Offersen as the Deputy Chair

2/19 Agreement

An agreement, e-mailed before the meeting, was reviewed and accepted.

3/19 How to make NCOS official

Its unclear how to make NCOS official. If this is done in Norway, having members from outside of Norway is difficult bureaucracy. All members will check what the rules are for making an organization official in their country.

So far Iceland has not been involved, as they are part of the Nordic countries we should make the best effort to get in touch with them and invite a person from the field of cardiology and oncology to be part of the NCOS board.

A website should also be administrated by the NCOS board. Offersen is going to look into this.

4/19 Logo for NCOS

Tuohinen is going to look into this.

5/19 Where should we publish a summary of this Summit

Its suggested that a resume of the summit is sent as a letter to the editor in Acta Oncologica and to Cardio-Oncology. Gulati and Broberg will make the first draft.

6/19 Funding and next meeting

Its decided that the next meeting will be held in collaboration with the Finnish Cardiology Society in Finland.

7/19 Should we involve the industry

There are no objections involving the pharma.

8/19 ICOS

Evyerone will read through the agreement form from ICOS and give their feedback on mail to Gulati.

Additional subjects:

1/19 Iceland should be invited in the board

A delegate from Iceland is on the participant list. If possible this person shuld be invitited to the board.

Board members of NCOS 2019-2023